Welcome to the Ecole School
in London

We provide a range of short specialist courses that allows you to continually change the direction of your career path. We have many different study options available to suit your work/life balance.



Beneficial education

Our students do not need to pay extra for expendable supplies as they are included in the price of the course


Flexible payment options

Our students do not pay the whole sum at once according to our flexible payment options


We are keeping our prices low

We always explore the prices for education in our city and set the lowest price.


Intense training

Large amount of time is devoted to practice as our aim is to educate upcoming qualified professionals.


We help you with employment

We provide our best students with help in getting a job in boutiques in our city and in creating portfolios for their private practice


International diploma

An international diploma which confirms your skills and knowledge for working abroad can be issues upon request


Leave a request if you want to know about our courses